Friday, February 21, 2014

Vote Facey!

For me, at any rate, one of the awkward results of legislative redistricting is that I no longer represent a group of constituents who voted for me in 2012, expecting that I would represent them in the Montana Senate for the next four years. That happened because the Redistricting Commission shifted the boundaries of my district a bit, which added some new territory but took away some as well, mainly in the heart of Missoula.

The good news is that when the Commissioners shifted that territory out of my district, they shifted it into Senate District 50, where Sen.Tom Facey is running for reelection. The neighbors in the area couldn’t ask for a better legislator.

I’ve known Tom for quite a while, but it was only during last year’s session that I had the chance to work with him in Helena. He’s a life long teacher, so he brings to the Legislature a deep commitment to education. He understands school finance (which is a challenge to most us), pension systems, workmen’s compensation, labor law, human rights and several other issues that he has worked on, and become an expert about, over the years. In everything he does, he is level headed, thoughtful and a good listener, the type of guy who really can “work across the aisle” and not just talk about it.

So if you’re one of the voters who’s leaving my district, good bye! It’s been a pleasure and a privilege serving as your representative in the Senate. Now when Tom Facey comes around knocking at your door, and he will get there, let him know he has your support. You'll be glad you did.

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